Fairfax County Schools Rankings: Free Guide

Finding the right Fairfax County Schools Rankings is tough.

Fairfax County School RankingsOn the official Fairfax County Public Schools website (FCPS .edu), it is practically impossible to compare schools side by side.

Not only that, but there are too many different kinds of rankings: Should you use SAT scores? Or SOLs? Or maybe The Challenge Index?

Having too many kinds of school rankings is confusing

With all the different rankings available (US News, GreatSchools, etc.), how do you really know what the best schools are?

To help you find the right school, we have compiled a single table with all the important rankings, and have mathematically created a single ranking for each school.

The Ultimate Fairfax County Schools Ranking ©

The Ultimate Fairfax County Schools Ranking© is one of the tools available on this website to help you find the right school.

And once you find the right school, you’ll want to make sure that the kids can attend the school you selected (by living inside the attendance area of the school).

In Fairfax County your home address determines your schools

If you want to be sure that the kids attend a specific school, the best way to ensure it is to live WITHIN the boundaries of the school (in the Fairfax County Schools district, the school assignments are very strict).

This is why it’s best to avoid a costly mistake by:

  • Selecting the schools first, and
  • Second, cross-referencing schools with available homes for sale that are INSIDE the attendance zones.

But cross-referencing schools and homes is not straight-forward

To find homes for sale WITHIN the school boundary of your choice (not just a home near or close-enough to the boundary) can be very time-consuming and just plain frustrating— if you don’t have the right tools, that is.

You would hope that someone would have already put together a step-by-step guide —with the right tools— to help you find a home by school?

We did! And we call it The No-Tears Guide to Moving to Fairfax VA

The No-Tears Guide to Moving to Fairfax, VA

The No-Tears Guide contains all you need to know to make a good decision about your move. There is detailed information about:

Fairfax County School Rankings


The Ultimate Fairfax County School Rankings ©
An interactive table with schools, 5 different rankings, plus their Ultimate Ranking.



How to choose the right school


How to Choose the Right School (in Fairfax County)
Your guide to Fairfax County Public Schools’ Scores, Ratings, and Special Programs



The Home Affordability Map


The Home Affordability Map
The time & money-saving Home Affordability Map is an easy-to-read map of home values by High School District. With it, you can see at a glance how much homes cost in a specific high school boundary.


How to find a home by school


How to find a Home by School
A unique way of searching for homes: based on their assigned schools. Plus, once inside the site, you can compare school scores, see average home prices, evaluate your transportation options, and get a good idea of what each area looks like.

After the pdf downloads, The No-Tears Guide to Moving to Fairfax VA continues as a weekly article.

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