Would you make kids go to any school
—or to the right school for their needs?

No-Tears Guide to Moving to Fairfax, VA The No-Tears Guide to Moving to Fairfax, VA

Would you make kids go to any school, or to the right school for their needs?

Many people who relocate to the Washington, DC metro area (which includes Fairfax County, VA), are concerned with finding a home by school boundary.

In Fairfax County, Virginia, if you want children to go to a specific public school, the only way to ensure it is to live within the boundaries of the school (In the Fairfax County Public Schools system, the school assignments are very strict).

This is why most school-conscious home buyers avoid making a costly mistake by first selecting the right Fairfax County schools, and then by cross-referencing available homes for sale with their chosen schools.

Chantilly VA Military Mom “The No-Tears Guide to Moving to Fairfax VA is something that really helps people navigate this area. Fairfax County is huge; it’s impossible to know where to start. It was very labor intensive to drive around looking at homes and say, ‘This home is in this Fairfax school district, this school was rated a 9 and this is a 2’.” — Erin Clifton, Chantilly, VA; Military Mom

But cross-referencing schools and homes can be extremely frustrating

Looking for the right school is incredibly time-consuming. On the official Fairfax County Public Schools website (FCPS .edu), it is practically impossible to compare schools side by side. And you will want to compare not only test scores or school rankings. You will also want to review the available special programs such as arts, sports, languages, etc.

Then, once you find the right Fairfax school for your needs, you will want to actually find homes for sale in Fairfax within the school boundary of your choice (not just a home near or close-enough to the boundary) — and without the right tools, this can be very time-consuming and just plain frustrating.

You would hope that someone would have already put together a step-by-step guide —with the right tools— to help you find a home by school?

We did! And we call it The No-Tears Guide to Moving to Fairfax, VA

The No-Tears Guide to Moving to Fairfax, VA

The No-Tears Guide contains all you need to know to make a good decision about your move; there is detailed information about:

How is The No-Tears Guide different than traditional "Homes for Sale" websites?

The No-Tears Guide to Moving to Fairfax, VA helps you choose the area where you want to live based on your school choices, your budget, your transportation needs, and your dream home characteristics.

Other websites don't give you any background information to help you choose schools or areas; they only show you a long list of homes for sale and assume you already know where you want to live.

So why make it more complicated than it needs to be? Get The No-Tears Guide here:

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