From Mexico to Fairfax: It all started with a relocation

15 years ago, I relocated to Washington, D.C. from Mexico City.   I was unfamiliar with the area – and I didn’t know where to start to find a good place to live.
Finally, I settled in Fairfax County with a 30+ minute commute to Tysons Corner and within 15 minutes of Dulles Airport.

The reason for relocating was a job in technology

The job was in technology, doing consulting in the software industry.  While there, I worked with companies such as Yahoo! and Visa to make sense of their massive amounts of data to help them make business decisions such as: “How to reduce credit-card fraud” and “Which are our most profitable products (and how can we sell more of them)”.
As part of trying to make sense of all that data, I designed websites to help users with having a step-by-step approach to narrow down their decision points.

The job was great – but I yearned for a more local life

After several years of an around-the-world traveling schedule, I needed a more local life (although traveling took me to fun and remote places like Singapore and Australia).  Since I loved consulting with clients to solve their problems, I decided to get into real estate.

Real Estate has been my life for the past 8 years

Helping clients find their dream homes in Northern Virginia has been fun ride.  And I have been able to use my analytical abilities to give a very accurate assessment of how much a home should be worth, and what strategies to use to price a home for selling in a slow market.  But I still had that itch for technology… so…

I merged my Business Intelligence background with Real Estate

This project is the first step toward applying advanced analytics to help clients make better decisions when buying of selling their home.  And I wanted to create something that has been clearly missing to date: a way to find a home- based on the “right school”.

Why focus on “finding a home by school”?

Now that my son attends school in the Oakton High School Pyramid, I realize why schools are very important for parents.   In this site we have gathered data that is hard to find in one single place (such as school ratings), and have added a missing link between homes for sale and their school boundaries.  This information is critical for parents to make the right decision about choosing a school for their kids and the right home for their family.

To make this even better, our service doesn’t stop with providing information through a website.

We have also assembled a team of highly-experienced agents to focus on providing deep, specialized knowledge about each of the school districts and their boundaries.

Why do I do all of this?

To be able to travel!  Yes, I stopped traveling for work – but I still enjoy doing it for fun. So when we can, we go diving in Hawaii or in the Riviera Maya.  Other times we visit friends and family in Mexico City, Las Vegas, Canada, and even Santiago de Chile.


I look forward to exchanging travel stories with you,



Me and my
future diving buddy

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