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The 3 most common school ranking systems

When Kathy decided to move her family to Fairfax County, she wanted the right school for her children.  She started with comparing SAT scores for high schools and she chose her top 3 schools.  But she noticed that the language immersion program that she wanted for her children wasn’t offered in any of those high schools.School rankings

Would she be able to find the best of both worlds in a school? Her desired special language program and great school rankings?

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How to choose your top 2 Fairfax school pyramids

Choose your top 2 school pyramidsWhen Kathy’s husband was transferred back to the DC area after an assignment abroad, their kids were in elementary school and middle school. Since the children were fluent in French, she was hoping to continue their bilingual education through a special program throughout their K-12 years.


Fairfax County Public Schools are organized into pyramids

School pyramids are simply a way to organize schools. The top of the pyramid is the high school, then one or two middle schools; and the base of the pyramid is made up of several “feeder” elementary schools.

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