The Top 20% Fairfax County Elementary Schools Ranking (by SOL pass rates 2011-2012)

Sylvia and Marcus are looking for the Top Fairfax County Elementary Schools

Sylvia and Marcus are moving to Fairfax County this Summer.  They have already made a couple of trips this Spring to get themselves familiar with the area, and to figure out which schools are the right ones for their kids.

Sisters looking for Top Elementary Schools in Fairfax County

Emily and Sasha are looking for the Top Fairfax County Elementary Schools

Sylvia and Marcus’s have two kids: Emily and Sasha (rising 6th and 7th graders, respectively).

Emily and Sasha need great Elementary and Middle Schools

As part of their new home purchase, Sylvia and Marcus are looking to find highly-ranked Fairfax County Elementary Schools, as well as great Middle Schools for each of their kids.

And, since they’re planning on staying in Fairfax County for several years, they want to make sure that the High School is also very strong academically.

But how to identify schools with strong academics?

One way to identify schools with high academic scores is to use the Standards of Learning (SOL) passing rates.

The Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests are standardized tests applied at all the public schools in Virginia. These tests are useful to see how well a school scored above the district’s average; it’s one of the ways you can use to compare one school vs. another.

To help Sylvia and Marcus with comparing schools with good academics, we compiled for them a table of the average SOL pass rates of all the schools in Fairfax County.

How did we come up with this SOL pass rates table?

Our process was pretty straight forward (but time-consuming):

  1. First, we downloaded a spreadsheet with detailed pass rates for each of the 200+ schools (from the Virginia Department of Education’s website).
  2. Next, for each school’s spreadsheet, we averaged the school’s passing rate in each of the 5 tests administered.  This gave us an overall average for the school.
  3. Then, we recorded each school’s average on the SOL pass rates comparison table.

Since there are over 200 schools in Fairfax County, publishing the entire table here would be too long, so here you have a subset of it, with the top 20% Elementary Schools:

The Top 20% Fairfax County Elementary Schools
(Ranking by SOL scores 2011-2012)

Elementary School
Ranking (by SOL Scores)
Fairfax County
Elementary School
Average SOL ScoreHigh School Pyramid
(and HS Ranking by SOL Scores)
# 1Wolftrap ES98# 3 Madison
# 1Westbriar ES98# 8 Marshall
# 1Haycock ES98# 9 McLean
# 2Greenbriar West ES97#12 Chantilly
# 2Churchill Road ES97# 1 Langley
# 2Great Falls ES97# 1 Langley
# 2Chesterbrook ES97# 9 McLean
# 2Canterbury Woods ES97#11 Woodson
# 3Oak Hill ES96#12 Chantilly
# 3Willow Springs ES96# 2 Fairfax
# 3Colvin Run ES96# 1 Langley
# 3Spring Hill ES96# 1 Langley
# 3Sherman ES96# 9 McLean
# 3Keene Mill ES96# 4 West Springfield
# 4Mount Daniel ES95# 6 George Mason
# 4Thomas Jefferson ES95# 6 George Mason
# 4Sangster ES95#15 Lake Braddock
# 4Flint Hill ES95# 3 Madison
# 4Louise Archer ES95# 3 Madison
# 4Vienna ES95# 3 Madison
# 4Navy ES95#10 Oakton
# 4Fox Mill ES95#10 Oakton
# 4Mosby Woods ES95#10 Oakton
# 4Hunters Woods ES95#31 South Lakes
# 4West Springfield ES95# 4 West Springfield
# 4Floris ES95#24 Westfield
# 4Mantua ES95#11 Woodson
# 4Wakefield Forest ES95#11 Woodson
# 5Poplar Tree ES94#12 Chantilly
# 5Forestville ES94# 1 Langley
# 5Lemon Road ES94# 8 Marshall
# 5Westgate ES94# 8 Marshall
# 5Kent Gardens ES94# 9 McLean
# 5Oakton ES94#10 Oakton
# 5Hunt Valley ES94# 4 West Springfield



Using the SOL pass rates table, Sylvia and Marcus quickly compared schools

The SOL pass rates table helped Sylvia and Marcus decide quickly whether the combination of Elementary and Middle schools assigned to a particular home met their children’s academic needs.

What the SOL pass rates table didn’t tell them

What this table didn’t tell Sylvia and Marcus was how good a school was beyond the standardized test results.  After all, how can a test score tell you if the school is “just right”?

To finish off their research, Sylvia and Marcus narrowed down their school choices and went to visit them.  During their visits, they saw the facilities, they got a feel for how large each school was, they got to meet some principals (plus some of the staff), and Sasha and Emily even met a bunch of happy kids.

While the visit to the schools ultimately sealed Sylvia and Marcus’s deal for their favorite schools, the SOL pass rates table helped them narrow down the 200+ choices that they faced at the start.

Next Step: Log in to access the full SOL pass rates table

If you want to access the entire interactive table of SOL average pass rates for ALL the Fairfax County Schools (including Elementary, Middle, High, and Secondary Schools), click here:

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