Fairfax County Middle School Rankings

Middle school is a very important time for many kids: it is a major change in their educational lives.

Middle School students learning science

Middle School students having fun while learning science

Suddenly, as soon as they enter middle school, they have transitioned from being young children to being “responsible” students in charge of their own lives at school (well, at least their schedule and their homework…).

In middle school, students are exposed to many more fun activities, sports, and are given plenty of opportunities to develop their own interests.

In Middle School, academics are very important

Also, in middle school, academics become even more important than in elementary school

For example, to apply for the highly-competitive Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST)*, one of the criteria is to have a high GPA in 7th grade (most middle schools in the Fairfax County Public Schools district only cover 7th and 8th grade).

Speaking of good academics, one way to rank the middle schools in Fairfax County is to compare their SOL passing rates**:

Fairfax County Middle School Rankings (2012-2013)

RankMiddle SchoolSchool DistrictHigh School PyramidSOL Pass % 2012-13
1Rocky Run MSFCPSChantilly96
2Longfellow MSFCPSMcLean95
2Carson MSFCPSOakton95
4Cooper MSFCPSLangley92
4Frost MSFCPSWoodson92
4Kilmer MSFCPSMarshall92
7Thoreau MSFCPSMadison91
8Franklin MSFCPSChantilly89
8Irving MSFCPSWest Springfield89
10Henderson MSCity of Falls ChurchGeorge Mason87
11South County MSFCPSSouth County86
12Liberty MSFCPSCentreville84
12Lanier MSFCPSFairfax84
12Stone MSFCPSWestfield84
FCPS Average84
15Jackson MSFCPSFalls Church82
15Hughes MSFCPSSouth Lakes82
17Twain MSFCPSEdison78
Virginia Average78
18Key MSFCPSLee77
18Holmes MSFCPSAnnandale77
20Sandburg MSFCPSWest Potomac76
21Herndon MSFCPSHerndon74
22Poe MSFCPSAnnandale71
23Whitman MSFCPSMount Vernon65
24Glasgow MSFCPSStuart64

As you can see, there are several middle schools who have SOL passing rates that are well above the County’s average of 84%.

How to attend a highly rated Fairfax County middle school

And, as you know, for a student to be eligible to attend one of these middle schools, s/he must live within the attendance boundary of the school.

But really, since most middle schools span only 2 years, you probably won’t want to just choose to live within the middle school boundary.  Ideally, you’ll want to choose the right combination of middle and high school boundaries.

And the best way to start your home search is by choosing a high school boundary.

What is it like to live in a particular High School boundary?

To see where each high school boundary is in relation to the Washington D.C. area, log in to see the Fairfax County school district, for a map of the entire area covered by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS):

Click for the Fairfax County Map of High School Boundaries

Fairfax County Map with high school boundaries
Click to access the Fairfax County Map (with UP-TO-DATE high school boundaries)

Access the Fairfax County Map of School Boundaries (a.k.a the Affordability Map) to see the location of each of the most UP-TO-DATE boundaries within Fairfax County and to choose your ideal boundary.

When you access the Fairfax County Map of School Boundaries, you will find:

  • UP-TO-DATE High School boundaries
  • School scores for elementary, middle and high schools in each boundary
  • Photos and videos
  • Highlights of the area covered by each boundary
  • Transportation options
  • Statistics about housing

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* TJHSST – Learn more about how to get into Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

** SOL passing rates are the Standards of Learning Tests which are administered by the Virginia Department of Education.  The results of the tests are published as a percentage of students who passed the tests each year.

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