Best Fairfax County Schools: The VIP Awards

Jason and his family are moving to Fairfax County this coming school year, and Jason’s parents want to make sure that he attends the best schools in Fairfax County and is as challenged as possible throughout his school experience.

Kids earn Academic Performance Awards

Virginia Schools also earn Academic Performance Awards

Jason is currently in elementary school, so his parents want to make sure that he has the opportunity to go to a top elementary school, in a couple of years attend a top middle school, and further down the road a top high school.

For this, they would like to know which are the best schools in Fairfax County, VA.  And they figured that the Virginia Department of Education would have a list of its best schools, and specifically for their needs, the best ones in Fairfax County.

Which are the best schools in Virginia?

According to the Virginia Department of Education, the schools who earned a Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) award are the schools who exceeded minimum standards and achieved excellence goals.

To determine which are the award-winning schools, the Department assigns points to the different kinds of SOL (Standard of Learning) tests that the students pass in each of the schools.

For example:

100 points x each Advanced Proficient test passed, plus

80 points x each Proficient test passed, plus

25 points x each Basic test passed

These points get added up and divided by the total number of tests administered per content area (English, Math, etc.) in each school.

Extra points may be added for Nutrition and Physical Activity and foreign language programs, and each school’s full accreditation status is also considered for each of the awards[1].

What are the Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) awards

The VIP awards are earned by a few schools in Virginia who meet high standards of learning (as measured by the passing rates of standardized tests) and who achieve excellence goals established by the Governor and the Board of Education.

There are three levels of VIP awards:

  1. The Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence,
  2. The Board of Education Excellence Award, and
  3. The Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award.

The Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) Awards – 2014

The top award in Virginia is the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence, and this year (2014), out of 5 schools in Virginia who earned the award, 3 of them are in Fairfax County:

The Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence – 2014

  • Rocky Run Middle School*
  • Carson Middle School
  • Longfellow Middle School

* Rocky Run Middle School has earned this top award for 5 years in a row.

Fairfax County Schools that earned a VIP Award in 2014

This year, the schools in Fairfax County that won awards based on last year’s performance indicators (school year 2012-2013) include 52 schools (the year before only 36 Fairfax County schools earned awards).

The Board of Education Excellence & Distinguished Achievement Awards (Fairfax County Schools)

VIP Award-winning
Greenbriar West ES Excellence Excellence
Oak Hill ES Excellence Excellence
Poplar Tree ES Distinguished
Franklin MS Distinguished Distinguished
Rocky Run MS Governor’s Governor’s
Fairfax Villa ES Distinguished
Willow Springs ES Distinguished Distinguished
Falls Church City Public Schools
Thomas Jefferson ES Distinguished Excellence
Mount Daniel School Distinguished Excellence
George Mason HS Excellence
Lake Braddock
Lake Braddock SS Distinguished
White Oaks ES Distinguished
Great Falls ES Excellence Distinguished
Churchill Road ES Excellence
Spring Hill ES Excellence
Cooper MS Excellence Excellence
Langley HS Excellence
Springfield Estates ES Distinguished Distinguished
Archer ES Excellence Excellence
Flint Hill ES Distinguished
Wolftrap ES Excellence Excellence
Vienna ES Distinguished Distinguished
Thoreau MS Excellence Excellence
Madison HS Excellence
Westbriar ES Excellence Distinguished
Kilmer MS Excellence
Chesterbrook ES Excellence Excellence
Colvin Run ES Excellence Excellence
Forestville ES Distinguished
Haycock ES Excellence Excellence
Kent Gardens ES Distinguished Distinguished
Sherman ES Distinguished Distinguished
Longfellow MS Excellence Governor’s
Mclean HS Distinguished
Mosby Woods ES Distinguished
Oakton ES Distinguished Excellence
Carson MS Governor’s
Oakton HS Distinguished
Robinson SS Distinguished
South County
South County HS Distinguished
South Lakes
Hunters Woods ES Excellence
West Potomac
Stratford Landing ES Distinguished Distinguished
West Springfield
Hunt Valley ES Excellence Distinguished
Keene Mill ES Excellence
Sangster ES Excellence
West Springfield ES Excellence Distinguished
Irving MS Distinguished
West Springfield HS Distinguished
Floris ES Excellence Excellence
Canterbury Woods ES Excellence Excellence
Mantua ES Distinguished Distinguished
Wakefield Forest ES Distinguished
Frost MS Distinguished Excellence
Woodson HS Distinguished
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Thomas Jefferson HSST Excellence

Jason’s parents used this information to find the right mix of Fairfax County schools

When Jason’s parents reviewed the table above, they had a good picture of which school pyramids had won the most VIP awards.

They could also correlate each of the award-winning schools with their corresponding High Schools.  Correlating schools helped them identify the exact combination of Elementary, Middle, and High schools that they wanted to focus on for their home search.

Once they selected a few school boundaries to learn more about, they turned to the Fairfax County Map to access those boundaries.

Learn more about these Fairfax County School boundaries

If you are like Jason’s parents, and would like to learn more about these award-winning schools and their boundaries, log into our Fairfax County Map.

Once you’re on the Fairfax County Map, select the high school boundary of your choice and compare SOL scores, see average home prices, and find homes for sale by boundary:

Click for the Fairfax County Map of High School Boundaries

Fairfax County Map with high school boundaries

Click to access the Fairfax County Map (with UP-TO-DATE high school boundaries)

Access the Fairfax County Map of School Boundaries to see the location of each of the most UP-TO-DATE boundaries within Fairfax County and to choose your ideal boundary.

When you access the Fairfax County Map of School Boundaries, you will find:

  • UP-TO-DATE High School boundaries
  • School scores for elementary, middle and high schools in each boundary
  • Photos and videos
  • Highlights of the area covered by each boundary
  • Statistics about housing
  • Transportation options

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* Image by Hugo y Charli on Flickr


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