Fairfax High School Boundary


Fairfax is for Small City Lovers

by Marina Brito, Realtor®, Fairfax High School Boundary Specialist

The Fairfax High School boundary encompasses the City of Fairfax and beyond. The City of Fairfax is a small, independent city within Fairfax County with lots of history,  its own government,  and a unique school board situation (the schools are run by the County board, and overseen by the City board).

The Fairfax High School boundary is a very convenient place to live because public transportation is easily accessible, and it is easy to get to  award-winning hospitals, world-class shopping centers, and there are a lot of fun things to do.

About the Fairfax HS boundary

  • What’s great
  • Excellent Schools
  • The Boundary surrounds the Historic City of Fairfax, VA
  • Easy access to the rest of Fairfax County
  • A good network of public transit
  • Lots of fun things to do
  • What you should know
  • Higher-density housing; fewer single family detached homes available
  • Lots are smaller than in more suburban areas
  • Why move here
  • Highly Rated Schools
  • Small city feel
  • Bus service to move around
  • A wide range of home prices

Schools in the Fairfax High School Boundary

The Fairfax High School boundary is the attendance area for highly rated Fairfax High School, Lanier Middle School, and 6 feeder elementary schools.

Fairfax High School boundary and feeder schools (2011-2012)

Fairfax High School boundary and feeder schools (2011-2012)

Average of Standard of Learning (SOL) Scores (2011-2012)

School School Score Fairfax County
Fairfax High 93 89
Middle SchoolLanier Middle 89 89
Elementary Schools
Elementary SchoolDaniels Run Elementary 87 89
Elementary SchoolEagle View Elementary 89 89
Elementary SchoolFairfax Villa Elementary 92 89
Elementary School #6Providence Elementary 90 89
Elementary School #7Willow Springs 96 89

Homes in the Fairfax High School Boundary

There are many options for homes within the Fairfax HS Boundary:  single family homes, a significant amount of townhomes and many condos.  Last school year (2011-2012), about 500 homes sold within this boundary, with prices ranging from $90K to $2.3M.  This wide range of home availability ensures that there is a home in almost everyone’s price-range.

SOLD Home prices (School year 2011-2012)

Home Type Low Average High
Detached (126) $335K $685K $2.3M
Townhome (261) $205K $437K $701K
Condo (103) $129K $246K $349K

See all the homes for sale within this boundary

Finding a home by school can be a challenge
If you have tried to find a home by school before, you have probably found that it’s a challenge to cross-reference homes for sale on a typical home search website with their assigned school.

Simply finding homes “near” the school won’t do
The issue with typical home search websites is that they only display homes by city or zip code. Some of them display homes “near” the school. Well, that won’t do you any good since school boundaries span cities, zip codes, and just being “near” the school doesn’t mean that the home belongs to that boundary.

You want a home INSIDE the school boundary. Not just “near” it…
The good news is that we have put together the only interactive map where you can find homes for sale INSIDE the Fairfax High School boundary. Plus, you can also see points of interest such as shopping and hospitals.

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