Why your home address determines your Fairfax County schools assignment

When Vicky and Ralph moved to Fairfax County VA due to Vicky’s military job, they moved into a nice home for their family.   During the school year, they realized that another elementary school was better suited for their needs than the one their kids currently attended.   But their current home was outside of their desired Fairfax school boundary.Fairfax County has strict school boundaries

What are school boundaries?

A school boundary (sometimes referred to as a school district) is a geographic representation of a school’s attendance area.  In Fairfax County VA, every residential address is assigned an elementary, middle and high school.  In this manner, all the home addresses which are assigned to a specific school are within that school’s boundary.

In Fairfax County VA, the school boundaries are strictly enforced, which is why choosing the right place to live is important.

If you want your children to attend a specific Fairfax school, choose your next home’s location carefully Continue Reading…

Top 3 criteria for finding the right home in Fairfax VA

How to find a home in Fairfax VA

How to find a home in Fairfax VA

Kathy was moving her family back to Fairfax VA after a few years abroad.    The first thing she did was to research the public school options. She found that Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) were very good. She short-listed a few favorites and focused on her husband’s daily commute.  Once she settled on a few key areas, she checked the cost of housing for each.

Fairfax County VA is a big county with many housing choices

With so many choices, it’s important to start the search with the most important criteria first: Schools, Transportation, and Cost Continue Reading…

Why move to Fairfax County VA?

Three reasons for moving to Fairfax

Is Fairfax County right for you?

When Ellen and her family were being transferred to the DC area, she was confused about where to start her search. She knew that DC was too urban for her needs and that led her to research her options in the neighboring suburban counties of Maryland and Virginia.

Ellen focused her search on three elements: public schools, crime rates, and taxes.


Excellent Public Schools

Fairfax County Schools are highly ranked- according to a Newsweek Report on the top 1500 public high schools across the US. The 2009 report ranked ten of Fairfax’s 25 high schools in the top 10% of the list. Further, according to this report, the median rank of all of Fairfax County’s public high schools is 12%. This means that the majority of Fairfax High Schools are, essentially, excellent.

So, Fairfax County schools are good, but how is the crime rate in Fairfax County?

Continue Reading…

Moving to Fairfax County VA? How to solve the relocation puzzle

Solve the relocation puzzleMoving to a new city is like solving a puzzle.  When the many pieces come out of the box, they’re all jumbled.  All those pieces need to get organized and put together in order to enjoy the big picture.


What’s the big picture when moving to a new city?

When relocating to a new city (such as moving to Fairfax County VA), a mom envisions a happy family; kids go to the right school, parents go to work and come back in time for dinner, and ideally, they all get to enjoy their dream home.


5 steps to finding your dream home in Fairfax County VA Continue Reading…

Moving to Fairfax County VA doesn’t have to be OVERWHELMING

Relocating to the DC area

One weekend, Ellen and Steve visited the DC area in a reconnaissance mission.  They drove themselves around Fairfax County VA (Fairfax, Virginia) trying to figure out where Reston Town Center was (it’s huge).  Then they drove to Fairfax Town Center (it’s a little strip mall).  And she was very frustrated because she couldn’t go by “Town Center” to guide their home search.

Ellen is a 30-something mom who works part time as a pediatric physical therapist.

Ellen’s husband, Steve, got transferred

Ellen is married to Steve, a military pilot who was assigned a fancy desk job at the Pentagon. They have two kids, a 10-year old boy who goes to elementary school and a tween girl who is now in middle school.

One day, Steve found out that he was being transferred to the Pentagon.  The first thing Ellen did was to go online to figure out where the Pentagon was and if there were any good schools for her kids. Continue Reading…

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