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Best Elementary Schools in Fairfax County

A few weeks ago, we identified the Top High Schools in Fairfax County VA based on US News’s State rankings.

This week, we’ve been inspired by Northern Virginia Magazine, with their Best Elementary Schools article.  Their article covers several Counties, and here, we are focusing on the best elementary schools in Fairfax County.

Fairfax County Schools: Best Elementary Schools

NoVa Magazine’s Best Elementary Schools

In Northern Virginia magazine’s article, their staff poured through the School Report cards available on the Virginia Department of Education to extract the following four elements to determine their “Best Elementary Schools” list: Continue Reading…

Top High Schools in Fairfax County VA

US News Best High Schools in Fairfax County

Every year, the U.S. News & World Report publication issues the results of its Nationwide “Best High Schools” rankings.    To come up with the rankings, US News focuses on four major indicators:

  • Student / Teacher ratio
  • College readiness – as measured by Advance Placement (AP®) or International Baccaleaurate (IB) passing rates
  • Proficiency in Geometry
  • Proficiency in Reading

This year, US News reviewed over 21,000 high schools across the United States.  Among these, 96 high schools in Virginia (out of 347) made the rankings. Continue Reading…

Best Fairfax County School Boundaries to Live in

Best Places to Live

Inspired by Washingtonian Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” on their May 2012 edition, here is a compilation of our “Best places to live in Fairfax County” – broken down by high school boundaries.

First, let’s look at boundaries serving the small towns (since the latest trend is for people to walk to quaint shops and leave the big SUV at home): Continue Reading…

How to choose an elementary school with gifted programs

Fairfax County Schools has four levels of gifted programs

Gifted programs at Fairfax Schools

Last school year, I helped Andy find a home by school boundary. To start, Andy wanted a school that would be a good fit for all her children, so she had certain characteristics for the ideal school in mind. One of her children was very advanced in academics, another one seemed to want to follow in her sister’s footsteps and the third one was happier enjoying the regular pace of school.

Andy wanted all of her kids to attend the same school, if possible, so she asked me if there were some schools that offered “Gifted Programs” along with the traditional programs.

What kinds of gifted programs are available in Fairfax County Schools? Continue Reading…

Are you only researching on GreatSchools when choosing a school?

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

Have you ever heard the saying “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”? Legend says that in the past, families only bathed once in a while – and every member of the family got to do it inside the same tub of water.

Dad had the first turn, then Mom, then the kids, and lastly – the baby. By then, the water was not exactly clear and it was easy for whomever was throwing the water out not to see the baby in it.

When you are choosing a school, if you aren’t looking at the important points, you might very well be missing them; and throwing out the opportunity to have your kids attend a good school – and buying the dream home for your family. Continue Reading…

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