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How Fairfax County schools pyramids affect your home search

Fairfax County School Pyramids

Have you ever seen those beautiful, impressive structures of ancient Mexico that are made out of rock, are wide at the base, have four sides to them and end at a point?  Those are called pyramids.  Well, school pyramids in Fairfax County VA are bit like them. Wide at the base and pointy at the top. But they’re not made out of rock. They’re simply a concept.

A school pyramid is a concept used in the Fairfax County Schools system

In the Fairfax County schools system, a pyramid has several elementary schools which feed onto a couple of middle schools.  And the middle schools feed onto one high school.    This way, each pyramid has a high school at the “point” of the pyramid, then one or two middle schools in the middle of the pyramid, and about 8 elementary schools forming the base of the pyramid. Continue Reading…

Why your home address determines your Fairfax County schools assignment

When Vicky and Ralph moved to Fairfax County VA due to Vicky’s military job, they moved into a nice home for their family.   During the school year, they realized that another elementary school was better suited for their needs than the one their kids currently attended.   But their current home was outside of their desired Fairfax school boundary.Fairfax County has strict school boundaries

What are school boundaries?

A school boundary (sometimes referred to as a school district) is a geographic representation of a school’s attendance area.  In Fairfax County VA, every residential address is assigned an elementary, middle and high school.  In this manner, all the home addresses which are assigned to a specific school are within that school’s boundary.

In Fairfax County VA, the school boundaries are strictly enforced, which is why choosing the right place to live is important.

If you want your children to attend a specific Fairfax school, choose your next home’s location carefully Continue Reading…

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