How to find restaurants, shops, and fun stuff (near homes for sale)

Gina was planning a move to Fairfax County for her new job.  She was excited about the job, plus she was happy to see that there were plenty of options for choosing a great school for her kids.

Gina also wanted to keep her current lifestyle

She was hoping to find a home where she could walk to the park, and have easy access to a bike trail.  She also wanted to have shops, restaurants, and the dry-cleaners nearby.

Map of amenities near homes for sale

Where is the fun stuff near a home?

Most people when they look for a home, they focus on what’s within its 4 walls:

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms?
  • Does it have a spacious and modern kitchen?
  • Is the basement finished?

They may also ask about the size of the yard (which is technically outside the 4 walls), but overall, people search for homes based on its physical characteristics.

Only after they go visit each home may they ask questions like:

  • Where could I go for a walk around here?, or
  • Where are the grocery stores?
  • What else is around here?

For Gina, what’s around her home is just as important as the physical characteristics of the home itself. So she wants to start by selecting a location that meets her lifestyle needs, and then choosing the home.

Gina was hoping for a tool that allowed her to find a home that met her lifestyle needs.

TA- DA!  Lucky for her, we have such a tool!

How to find the fun stuff (shopping, restaurants, etc.) around a home

To find out where the nearest shopping, restaurants, (and even the dry-cleaners), are near each home for sale, check out our home search app. Once in the app, you can turn on features to show you all that is around a property.

Start your journey by selecting a school boundary from the Fairfax County Map.

Click for the Fairfax County Map of High School Boundaries

Fairfax County Map with high school boundaries

Click to access the Fairfax County Map

Once on the boundary page, click on the red button to access the home search app.

Homes for sale by school boundary

Click the red button to find homes for sale in this boundary

On the app, you can find “the fun stuff” that’s around each home

When you access the home search app you will find:

  • Homes for sale by school, zip code, city, or any other custom area
  • School locations
  • Restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores
  • Healthcare (hospitals, doctors’ offices, urgent care)
  • Hotels, gyms, movie theaters, parks
  • Metro stations

Start your journey by selecting a school boundary from the Fairfax County Map.

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The FREE No-Tears Guide to Moving to Fairfax, VA

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* Maps by Google

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