Reston VA ranks #7 in Best Places to Live

Extra!  Extra!  Money magazine has come up with their 2012 list of Best Places to Live.  This year, Money Magazine ranked Reston, VA # 7 in their Top 100 list of best small cities.

Money's America's Best Places to Live

Best Places to Live

What made Money rank Reston so high up on their Top 100 list?

Like last year, I presume that a computer sifted through census designated places and figured out which of these places had highly desirable qualities.   Last year, their computer algorithm ranked a community just next door to Reston, Oakton VA, in the #36 spot.

Fast forwarding to this year, Money’s 2012 #7 pick, Reston, is an award-winning planned community in the northern part of Fairfax County, VA.

Reston VA is in the northern part of Fairfax County

Reston VA is in the northern part of Fairfax County

Money selected Reston based on its many amenities, diversity of housing choices, and its accessibility to major employment centers (Tysons Corner, Washington, DC, the Dulles Technology Hub, and Reston itself).

Perhaps Money read our blog post from a few months back, when we featured Reston in our article: “5 Reasons to Love Reston VA”.  Well, maybe they didn’t read it, but it does feel good when our opinion from within the trenches gets validated by a sophisticated computer algorithm.  :)

Our 5 reasons for loving Reston are:

  1. Diverse housing options
  2. Extensive recreational opportunities: nature, parks, shopping
  3. Generous Job opportunities
  4. Strong Transportation infrastructure
  5. Good Public Schools

We wrote all about these 5 reasons on our previous article: 5 Reasons to Love Reston VA.  Click through to find out more.

Your turn, what do you think?

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