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Fairfax County Real Estate: Is the Market Back? (May 2013 Update)

In the mid-2000’s, the Fairfax County Real Estate Market was going up, up, up – until the housing market bubble burst.

The Fairfax County Real Estate Market is back! (like Tiger Woods's career)

The Fairfax County Real Estate Market is back! (like Tiger Woods’s career)

Like the real estate market, at one point, Tiger Woods was at the top of his game, having won 78 official PGA tour events in only 12 years.

And then?  Boom!

Disaster happened… and Tiger had to take a couple of years off from competing.

But after his time off, he came back and is now at the top of his game again.

Like Tiger, after a couple of years of a correction, the real estate market prices in Fairfax County have returned to a steady climb.

Is the Fairfax County Real Estate market back?

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How is the Fairfax County Real Estate Market? (Feb 2013 Update)

Spring has sprung in the Fairfax County Real Estate Market

Spring has come to Fairfax County Real Estate

Spring has come to Fairfax County Real Estate

This morning, as soon as I woke up, I heard the birds singing.  I opened the curtains and saw the daffodils blooming.

But when I opened the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) statistics, I found the telltale sign that it was Spring:

Homes are flying off the shelf!

Homes are on the market for just a few days

Throughout the past few weeks, while helping several buyers make offers on their desired properties, I noticed that there was barely any time to make an offer before homes went under contract.  But this was anecdotal evidence and I wanted to know if this was happening across the entire Fairfax County Real Estate Market. Continue Reading…

The Fairfax County Real Estate Market flipped!

On Friday morning, we received 5 phone calls from Realtors® announcing showings to our brand-new listing on the Fairfax County Real Estate Market.  By the end of Sunday, there had been over 25 parties who had visited the home. Wow!

The home had only been active for 3 days and we had a lot of activity, so we felt pretty good about the listing.

Sale-ready living room

Can you imagine muddy footprints on this beautiful living room?

But the homeowner wasn’t happy

It had rained the first part of the weekend and prospective purchasers had stained her clean, white carpet.  (Even though we posted a sign to please remove shoes!)

So, the disgruntled owner spent a few hours on Sunday night cleaning it to get the home ready for the next visitors on Monday.

When the phone started ringing on Monday

Thankfully, when the phone started ringing on Monday, it wasn’t for more showings. This time, the calls were from Realtors® calling to inform us that they were making offers on the home!

By Monday night, we had 3 offers and we presented them to the homeowner who again, wasn’t happy.

How could she not be happy with 3 offers? Continue Reading…

Five Steps to Finding Your Dream Home (by Fairfax County School Boundary)

As you may have already experienced, choosing the right home in the right Fairfax County school boundary can be a trying process. But it doesn’t have to be that hard if you follow the steps in The No-Tears Guide to Moving to Fairfax, VA.

The first step of The Guide is “How to Choose the Right School”.

1. Read “How to Choose the Right School”

Step 1: Read How to Choose the Right School

Step 1: Read How to Choose the Right School

This report (which you get right after you subscribe to The No-Tears Guide) helps you understand how the Fairfax County Public School system works, and why it’s important to choose a school as your first step.

Also, from this report you can access The Ultimate High School Ranking©, where you can compare all the High Schools in Fairfax County using several different kinds of rankings (all of them in a single table).

Once you have a short list of high schools that you might be interested in, then it’s time to get familiar with the average home prices in those school boundaries. To do that, you can start by using the Home Affordability Map. Continue Reading…

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Home

Choosing a home is like baking a cake – it really is only a matter of following the recipe.  That is, if you actually know the recipe!

Choosing a home is like baking a cake; they both require a recipe

There’s an easy recipe for choosing a home

When you have the recipe, you measure, you mix, you bake, and voilá!  Out comes a yummy cake.

If only recipes pointed out the most common mistakes…

But even with a recipe, sometimes what we need is a bit of experience on how to get some of the steps done.  And, inevitably, at the end of the process we realize that there were a few things that we could improve next time.  If  only recipes pointed out the most common mistakes, then you could have an easier time baking the cake on your first try.

When choosing a home, it’s best to avoid mistakes on the first try

Choosing a home (with schools in mind) is also a matter of following a recipe.  But you might not have a chance to try it again for another few years, so it’s best to avoid any mistakes on your first try.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a home (with schools in mind): Continue Reading…

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