Fairfax County Real Estate: How much is the perfect home?

Most statistics quote average prices of Fairfax County Real Estate.  But, do we know how much it would cost to buy the “Perfect Home”?

The perfect home is a matter of personal taste

The perfect home is a matter of personal taste

The Perfect Home is a matter of personal taste…

While The Perfect Home is definitely a matter of personal taste, there seems to be a trend on the most popular homes among buyers of homes in Northern Virginia.

“Everybody has their own idea of heaven…
My heaven is a wood frame house with a great big porch goin’ all the way around
Sittin’ on the swing listenin’ to the sound of the birds singin’…
While we’re eatin’ watermelon
That’s my heaven”
– My Heaven by Trace Adkins

Let’s see which homes are the most heavenly (according to buyers) in Fairfax County

In 2012, there were many more detached (single family) homes sold than townhomes and condos:

Type of Home Number sold
Detached 7931
Townhouse 4317
Condo 2187

The stats show that Detached homes were the most popular kind of homes to buy in 2012.

But what kind of Detached homes sold the most?

If we split the total number of Detached homes by style,  “Colonials” are the most popular, by far – with 3483 homes sold last year.  And out of those, Colonials with 4 bedrooms were the majority of homes sold in that style with 1945 units sold in 2012.

Looking further, the most popular kind of home to buy in Fairfax County is:

The Detached Colonial with 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, a 2-car garage and a basement.
Voila! I present you the “Perfect Home” (at least for 712 buyers last year).

How much does this Perfect Home cost?

Well, it turns out that the average price of our perfect home is somewhat higher at around $663,000 than the overall average price of all detached homes in Fairfax County (of $641,066).

But, is it really the Perfect Home?

Well, just because a great majority of buyers chose Detached Colonials with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2-car garages, and a basement, that makes this kind of home certainly the Most Popular, and perhaps the Perfect Home for them.

But there are plenty of other homes that were the right fit for the other 90% of Detached homes buyers…

Are you curious to see “Perfect homes” that are currently for sale on the Fairfax County Real Estate market?

Find the Perfect Home

Click to Find the Perfect Home

Click to see Perfect Homes for sale in Fairfax County, broken down by high school boundary  (be sure to log in to the site first, and then click on the link).

Once there, you can adjust the search parameters to find Your Perfect Home… perhaps one with a “great big porch going all the way around” – just like Trace’s perfect home.



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Watermelon & baby by viralbus on flickr

Statistics from MRIS

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