The Two Best High Schools in Loudoun County

Last week, I visited Sandy and surprised her with a big bouquet of fruit as a thank you present.

A thank you fruit bouquet for Sandy for thinking of me

A thank you surprise for Sandy for thinking of me

Sandy and I started chatting about her future move and she said that she hasn’t found her dream home yet.

Sandy hopes to move this summer to her dream home

Sandy’s family wants to move this summer but they haven’t found the right place for them in Fairfax County. They’re looking for a large home (more than 5,000 sq. ft.), assigned to good schools, and with tolerable commuting options to DC.  And all this, within their generous budget.

What they have found is that even with their ample budget, it’s hard to find a 5,000 sq ft home, assigned to good schools in Fairfax County; so they’re wondering what other options they might have.

I told her that I hear those concerns often from other clients.  Last year, Melissa and David had a similar dilemma and they choose to look for homes in Loudoun County.

In Loudoun County there are two high schools with high ratings[1]

The two high schools that are popular among people who want their children to attend highly rated schools in Loudoun County are: Stone Bridge and Briar Woods high schools [1].

Stone Bridge High School

Stone Bridge services a large area of Ashburn, north of the Dulles Greenway and currently, it extends all the way up to Route 7.

Briar Woods High School

Briar Woods High School services homes in Ashburn, south of the Stone Bridge attendance area (and south of the Dulles Greenway).

Why Ashburn?

Since Ashburn was developed mostly in the ’90s and in the ’00s, there are plenty of options for newer, modern housing such as homes with with two-story foyers and 9′ ceilings. It is also easy to find homes of at least 4,000 sf, with 3-car garages, etc.  And, because of its location further away from Washington, DC, on average, home prices are more affordable than in Fairfax County.

But there’s a catch

A few weeks ago, we wrote about why Fairfax Schools are better than Loudoun Schools[2].  One of the reasons is that Loudoun keeps adding new schools to keep up with its growth.  The result of this is that school boundaries are constantly in flux.

Boundaries change often

Specifically, the boundaries for Briar Woods and Stone Bridge will change for the 2014-2015 school year, and they will change again for the 2015-2016 school year. These changes are due to the opening of the new Rock Ridge HS in the Fall of 2014.

Knowing this, if you are curious about finding a home by school boundary in the top 2 high school boundaries in Loudoun County, we have a tool for you:

Homes for sale in the boundaries of the two Best High Schools in Loudoun County

Since we have heard from several of our clients expressing a desire for buying a newer, more modern house that doesn’t break the bank, and that has also been assigned to good schools, we have decided to publish boundary maps for the two best high schools in Loudoun County: Stone Bridge and Briar Woods.

To see active homes for sale in each of these two areas, log in to access the app:

Click for Homes in Stone Bridge and Briar Woods Boundaries (2015-2016)

Stone Bridge and Briar Woods boundaries (2015-2016)

Stone Bridge and Briar Woods: The Two Best High Schools in Loudoun County [2]

In Summary,

  • Home buyers who want a newer home assigned to good schools are also looking in Loudoun County
  • Stone Bridge and Briar Woods are the top 2 high schools in Loudoun County
  • The downside is that the school boundaries in Loudoun change often
  • We have put together a boundary map for you to find a home by school in these two boundaries (for the 2015-2016 school year)

Click for Homes in Stone Bridge and Briar Woods Boundaries (2015-2016)

Sandy thanked me for the fruit, but wait until I tell her that I put together this search for her!  She’s going to be ecstatic!

How about you, does this help you with your home search?


[1] Rankings of the best high schools in Loudoun County and Fairfax County

[2] 3 Reasons why Fairfax Schools are better than Loudoun Schools

P.S. Please note that in Loudoun County the boundaries for high schools change often so be sure to check the official boundaries at the Loudoun County public school district website before you buy a home in Loudoun.

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