Why is Vienna, VA the # 3 Best Place to Live?

Vienna, VA is # 3 of the Top 50 places to live

Vienna, VA is # 3

The charm of Vienna, Virginia is all about its unique little shops.

Where else can I find a delicious chocolate croissant made with European butter in the middle of suburbia?

Once I get my croissant, I can take my prized treasure across the street and get a Belgian hot chocolate to go with it.  Then, I can walk over to the W&OD park and watch the runners and the bikers go by while I enjoy the experience.

It’s no wonder why, in this year’s Best Places to Live article by Money Magazine, Vienna ranked # 3 of the Top 50.

Where is Vienna, VA?

Vienna, VA is located in the heart of Fairfax County, about 15-20 minutes west of Washington, D.C., and is part of the large suburb known as Northern Virginia.

So, why did Vienna, VA rank high on Money magazine’s list of small towns?

Vienna is hot because of its great lifestyle

Interestingly, many of my friends have chosen to live in Vienna.  And I think that their choice comes down to enjoying a great lifestyle.

People who live in Vienna are close to everything; it’s easy to get to work, shopping is plentiful, schools are great, and they can walk, or bike to run their errands.

Speaking of running errands, my good friend, Ana, is a serious runner. She was telling me that she likes to start her run on Saturday mornings at the Faith Baptist Church parking lot, and by the time she’s done with her leisurely 5k, the Vienna farmer’s market is all set up, so she also gets to stock up for the week with fresh produce.  Now, that’s multitasking!

Enjoying Vienna, VA

A few other things that can be enjoyed on the weekends, are, for example:

  • Events – such as the Town Festival called “Viva Vienna”; as well as family walks, races and parades.
  • Parks – the W&OD trail, the Meadow Lane tot lot, sport courts, picnics, and more.
  • Community Services –  the community center, the town court, a fire house, a police headquarters, library, etc.

During the week, many people in Vienna work either downtown or in nearby Tysons Corner (a very important business center in Northern Virginia).

About the ease of getting to work

Many Vienna-dwellers who work in Washington, D.C., choose to ride the Metro (the Orange line is nearby) into the city.

By early next year, the residents of Vienna will have another option for commuting when the Silver line of the Metro opens near the northern side of the Town of Vienna – in Tyson’s Corner.

Of course, if you choose to drive, that’s also an option.

Driving through Vienna

Since Vienna was planned as an intimate community and it has become a hopping hub of activity… there is a good amount of traffic to deal with at certain times of day.

Luckily, kids can take the school bus, bike, or walk to one of Vienna’s highly-rated schools.

Vienna’s highly-rated schools

Best High Schools Ranking

Best High Schools

Vienna, VA is the home of Madison High School, ranked # 3 State-wide by US News, and also awarded a Gold Medal*.

In addition to Madison HS, Vienna is served by Thoreau Middle School, along with 6 other highly-performing elementary schools.


In Summary

Vienna, VA offers a great lifestyle, good access to major employment centers, hyper-local & world-class shopping nearby, and some of the best schools in the whole US.

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  • School rankings for schools serving Vienna.

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* Here is the latest US News school ranking.

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