My 3 Predictions for 2015

So, who’s going to win the football championship this year?

Seahawks Broncos game 2014

My predictions last year were on the right track…

Last year, I predicted (ahem… hoped) that the Denver Broncos would win. They didn’t quite win, but they got very close, so my prediction wasn’t very far off. :)


In terms of real estate, I also made a couple of predictions

I predicted that home prices would change, which they did, and thankfully we only saw a modest increase.

My other prediction was that interest rates would most likely rise, which they did.  But the great news is that they are down again (at least in the short term)!

And what’s going to happen this year?

My real estate predictions for 2015

We’re in a similar situation as last year at this time, with great interest rates and stable home prices.

But, what will the rest 2015 bring?

That, nobody knows.

Last year, we started the year with a lot of activity in the late winter months (January and February) and we all thought that we would have a busy year.

But then, it turned out that we had an unseasonal deluge of winter weather in March and April.  Those few storms seem to have frozen the real estate market because things were very quiet in 2014- in contrast to our usually very busy Spring time.

How’s the real estate market looking like for 2015?

This year, again, we’re starting to see very good buyer activity now, in the winter months.

Normally, buyers don’t have much inventory from where to choose from in the winter months, but since last year was relatively slow, we have accumulated enough inventory to have lots of choices available for eager buyers.

Perhaps this is why we are seeing more homes under contract than in recent years.

All this to say that if you are on the fence waiting for “the right time” to buy: this is it!

This is a great time to purchase a home because:

1. Mortgage interest rates are low

2. Home prices are stable (and lower than in the Spring)

3. There’s a healthy amount of inventory

Sure, the Spring will most likely bring more homes to the market, but it will also bring more competition for them, so prices are bound to rise – as they usually do.

Next Step

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About my football prediction

Oh, and this year, I’m going to wimp out and not make any football-related predictions.  Although it would be nice for the Seahawks to win again. 😉

* Image by rbglasson on flickr

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